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Enterprise Solution

What is an Enterprise Solution?

The Enterprise solution is configured on your own resources to support customizability and take into consideration the compatibility with your existing resources. The enterprise solution is configured on your servers where the desktops and applications are virtualized on your hypervisors or your cloud resources.

We deploy your enterprise solutions with the best security, performance, reliability, backup & replication with 24/7 support. With this, your local office resources can be accessed from any place you want. This enables remote working with constant access to all your data and applications, safe in the knowledge that your files are secure and backed up with excellent IT support available.

Who need this solution?

This solution is for enterprise business that wants improve business continuity using their own resources.
• Compatible with most hypervisors
• Could be combined with prominent Cloud system
• Built with standard security practices
• Architected using best practices for a high availability
• Published either over VPN or internet using secure channel
• Properly documented
• Fault tolerant with a DR Site


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Scalability

    Combine the IT infrastructure of multiple offices

  • IT Support

    Free IT support – no need to worry about maintenance and software updates.

  • Work remotely

    You can work at any time from anywhere in the world

  • Security

    Secure and reliable with SSL encryption and 100% uptime.

  • Cost effecitve

    Reduce the cost of expensive infrastructure
    and energy bills

  • Data recovery

    Easy data recovery in case of data corruption and deletion