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Managed Cloud Apps & Desktop

What is a Managed Cloud Apps & Desktop Solution?

Cloud Managed Apps & Desktop is a quick way of provisioning desktop and apps delivery for your business. It equips your employees with access to their dedicated desktops and applications hosted in cloud. The resources on the backend are managed by our dedicated team which will provide 24/7 for your business continuity. Users can access their desktops and applications either through a web browser or a light-weight client for streaming over a secure channel with seamless performance.

Who need this solution?

The solution is targeted for small to medium business where they need to have their employees to have desktops and other dedicated desktops essentially required to work from home. Following are few benefits of Managed Cloud Apps & Desktops.
• Managed by our dedicated team
• Quickly provisioned
• Fully secured
• Pay-as-you-go model pricing
• No resources required on premises
• Extended VPN to local datacenter for secure communication
• Enterprise level security and full daily backups
• UK Helpdesk telephone and email support


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Scalability

    Combine the IT infrastructure of multiple offices

  • IT Support

    Free IT support – no need to worry about maintenance and software updates.

  • Work remotely

    You can work at any time from anywhere in the world

  • Security

    Secure and reliable with SSL encryption and 100% uptime.

  • Cost effecitve

    Reduce the cost of expensive infrastructure
    and energy bills

  • Data recovery

    Easy data recovery in case of data corruption and deletion